H.E.A.L. Ministries (the Craig Benner family)

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For over 25 years, the Craig Benner family have been serving the Lord, as missionaries,  representing the holiness, pentecostal, trinitarian christians in various parts of Latin America and Mexico.  After 16 years of basing the ministry out of San Luis Potosi, a move has been necessary.  Currently, the family is residing in Inola,OK.  As of date, they are itinerating and making plans for upcoming trips to Latin America.

Funds and support are funneled regularly to keep the ministry advancing in San Luis Potosi.  Bro. Rodrigo Nataren Cruz is our national pastor there and is doing a fine job.  Pray with us for God to give us direction for future opportunities in missions work.

Recently, new doors have opened to minister in other countries.  In March, 2013 and twice in 2016 we made a trip to Dominican Republic, to preach the gospel in some rural areas of that country.  Harvest Time Ministries, under the guidance of Bro. Steve Gentry, has a thriving work

In July of 2013, we were privileged to travel to El Salvador.  God opened wide the doors as we preached 15 times in 4 days.  Ministry opportunities included private schools, public schools, police headquarters, bible schools, and churches.  In February of 2014 and August 2015, we returned again to El Salvador with many places revisited in ministry.  Plans are being made for another crusade in San Miguel

It was also an honor to be in southern Chiapas, Mexico to preach a youth convention.  The event had to be re-organized after hurricane Barbara hit the area quite hard a couple of months earlier.  In spite of extreme heat, the Lord gave us help and results in the outdoor campaign.

Currently, a pastor in Costa Rica, is asking for our help where he pastors a group of Nicaraguan refugees.

Help us pray for open doors in Cuba and Andorra, as we feel a burden to minister in those countries as well.


Why H.E.A.L. ?

H.E.A.L. is an acronym for

 Holiness Endeavors to Ailing Lands.

Adam was formed perfect.  Sin deformed mankind.  Through Christ we are being conformed anew into His image.  One day we will be transformed.  But meanwhile, there is a sin sick lost humanity, whose souls need the Physician.  The only message that will really heal them is the message of holiness.  Simply put, it is holiness or hell.


Missions support may be sent to:

HEAL Ministries

P.O. Box 642

Neosho, MO 64850




Dominican Republic------January

San Luis Potosí-------March/April

Dominican Republic----------May


Costa Rica----------September

El Salvador----------October

Dominican Republic---------November

*all places and dates are subject to change


The Fountain of Mercy Church in SLP will be celebrating its 20 anniversary this year. God has truly had his hand upon this church.


Ciesha and the family traveled to SLP to celebrate her 15th birthday. It was a grand occasion as the church family attended to her in royal fashion. Of course, then we preached at the FM church and God showed up to minister to hearts and lives. At least one young man testified later of sensing the call of God into the ministry.

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